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Updated: Jun 20

​AllySHIFT Episode 2, “Pathway to Jackson” was a journey for some; for me a pilgrimage. On Day One at Jackson State University, we experienced networking and a variety of conversations with each other, including meeting a wonderful group of scholars from Clark-Atlanta University. Inspired by an outstanding group of leaders, we covered Government and Public Policy, Academia, Cultural Anthropology, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Emotional Health and Welfare.

Day Two gave us an exciting and immersive experience at the Southeastern Rodeo Association’s Black Cowboy Rodeo event at the Mississippi Coliseum.

To get us started join us for part one of our Keynote Conversation with Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, Editor of The BLACK AGENDA, Bold Solutions for a Broken System. Enjoy it, we did!

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Beyond Their Years: The Incredible Legacies of Herb Carnegie and Buck O’Neil


Herb Carnegie (Hockey) and Buck O’Neil (Baseball) were trailblazers and icons but were

excluded from playing in the highest professional leagues of the sports they loved because of their race. Look, listen and learn how they channeled injustice into pioneering work that made their respective sports, and the world, more inclusive.

Join us on July 14th for AllySHIFT™ Episode 2: Pathway to Jackson, at Jackson State University for a very special screening and dialogue with Producer, Bryant McBride.

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