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What is AllySHIFT™ ?

"A progressive pathway from MOMENTS to MOVEMENTS. It is a seismic mindset shift to become more activist than advocate for the purpose of achieving measurable results for outcomes for cultural transformation and sustainable equity."
- Wendy Lewis
   CEO & Founder 

AllySHIFT™ al-ly\'shift\ (verb) 

Why Now? 

AllySHIFT™ is a powerful framework for individuals and organizations to build and reinforce inclusive, collaborative and SUSTAINABLE cultures of inclusion. 

AllySHIFT™ is a format that shifts challenging conversations and situations into opportunities for discussions, team building, and problem solving for implicit bias mitigation and self-awareness.  

AllySHIFT™ is a process for developing immediate plans and long term goals for focus and empowerment of people, places and things that have been marginalized and "valued less". 

AllySHIFT™ is a model for engaged allyship that meets people where they are while supporting their advancement to be bigger, better and bolder allies for others as well as themselves.

AllySHIFT™ is a tool that makes equity matter more. Including, "PULSE CHECKS", confidence building for inclusive leadership, ally sustainability and accountability. 

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Wendy Lewis
CEO & Founder

What Is AllySHFT?




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